Each litter of puppies will visit our vet within 3-5 days of being born for a health checkup and to have their dew claws removed.  From days 5-16 we perform early neurological stimulation exercises with the pups. We deworm the puppies at weeks 3, 5, & 7.  Before going to their new homes they will have their first set of vaccinations and have a complete vet health exam.

We make sure our puppies are very well socialized.  Each pup is given individual attention on a daily basis.  We introduce the puppies to many different things inside and outside our home.  The more socialization the better because it helps build confidence.  At about 6 weeks of age the pups are introduced to live birds and evaluated.

Puppies are monitored on a daily basis and we do our best to recommend a puppy that is the best match for what the new owner is looking for. We provide updates to buyers with pictures, videos, and Facebook posts. 

When you see our puppies, it will be very evident that they have received the best of care.  We work hard to produce pups that are smart, outgoing, and bird crazy.  Our goal is to place these pups in homes where they will continue to receive this type of care and thrive as members of the family.   

Prairie Fire Goldens have always been in high demand. We always have a reservation list and the typical wait time is 6-12 months. A deposit is required to be placed on the reservation list. Litters are priced in accordance with the pedigree and accomplishments of the parents, typically $2000-3000. Contact us for specific pricing and anticipated breedings.
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