Prairie Fire's Elle McFearsome JH (Elle)

Elle has a sweet affectionate personality and is a real people pleaser. She is also a very good pheasant hunter and will point on tight holding birds. Elle has a gorgeous head, darker field style coat, and athletic muscular build weighing 60 lbs.

Pedigree & Health Clearences


Junior Hunter Title: Perfect 4 for 4
Hips OFA Good -GR-93184G24F-NOPI
Eyes CERF GR-33626
Prairiefire's Sweet Relief

Sweet Relief is a daughter of Diesel & Jada, as well as the granddaughter of Elle and great-granddaughter of Lexi, who are featured below.  She has a powerful build and a beautiful dark red field coat.  In the field, she has that "never give up" attitude and is a very good marker.

Pedigree & Health Clearences
Elle hunting pheasants at less than 5 months old
Lexington's Autumn Blaze (Lexi)

Lexi was the mother to Elle and the grandmother to Jada. She was a great dog for our family and she lived a long and healthy life to the age of 14. Her favorite activity was hunting; whether upland birds, waterfowl, or even rabbits Lexi wanted to hunt. She produced many wonderful golden retrievers. Her golden eyes truly melted you. She is the first dog pictured on the Prairie Fire Goldens home page.

Prairie Fire's Mayan Apocalypse  JH (Maya)

We purchased Maya as a puppy in December 2012. She is a fun-loving, athletic golden. She breezed through the Junior hunt tests in the summer of 2013, gaining her title with four consecutive passes at the young age of 9 months. 

Pedigree & Health Clearences


Junior Hunter Title: Perfect 4 for 4 at the young age of 9 months
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Click here to add Prairie Fire's Red Hot Sriracha  MH** (Siri)

Siri is Prairie Fire's newest addition.  Siri is the daughter of Diesel and Elle, whom are both featured on this website.  Our family always planned on keeping a puppy from Diesel and Elle because both are exceptional hunters and have great personalities.  Siri has inherited her parent's athleticism, intelligence, and drive to retrieve. Siri has accomplished a lot in her young career. She has achieved the following: Junior Hunter Title, Senior Hunter Title, Derby Reserve Jams, & Master Hunter Title - all obtained before the age of 3. Like her sire Diesel, she is a Full Throttle fire ball!

Pedigree & Health Clearances


Junior Hunter Title.  Senior Hunter Title.  Derby Reserve Jam. Master Hunter Title.ext.